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Unity is an activist group that recently formed under the banner of Salvador, a former employee of one of Project's subsidiary companies. This company was abandoned and had its funding largely cut off after failing to meet profitable margins, though they tried to save it by continuing to create and test their own androids despite Salvador's protests. However, due to poor manufacturing, these androids later went rogue during a routine test-run, killing several innocent civilians. This sparked great controversy in the media, and opened Salvador's eyes to the truth - that androids were far more uncontrollable than one might think, and underestimating them could have deadly results.


Headed by Salvador and run largely by his second-in-command Sergius, Unity seeks to prevent the technological singularity - the hypothetical future where science has become so advanced that it becomes uncontrollable. To them, androids are uncontrollable, dangerous, and can easily replace organic dragons if allowed to do so. To this end, they conduct raids on labs/shops of android manufacturers while planting bugs within, or hold radio broadcasts advocating against androids - though their raids lean more towards the disruptive/destructive than FL/GHT's, which focus on the extraction of necessary resources.