Archon of Progress


harbinger of progress

"The only limiting factors are those you set on yourself."

~ Selena

Once a nobody, the budding scientist was perpetually told her work would never amount to anything, and that she should give up on her dreams of making it big in the innovation industry. However, she ended up scouted by Project themselves as a potential employee, and promptly signed on to join their team of scientists, throwing herself wholeheartedly into her work - science had always been her passion, after all, what better opportunity to excel than with one of the leading edge companies in the technological industry? As time passed, however, she found herself wanting to push even the limits Project had set, secretly gathering support from the higher-ups for her experiments and eventually spearheading key projects such as Project: Magitech, as well as Project: Wetware.

Ruthless and ambitious, Selena has no qualms stepping on others in order to attain her goals. Her former enthusiasm for the sciences has been tempered into something colder, more calculative, geared towards success instead of innovation for the joy of it. Single-minded in her pursuit of excellence, she allows no one to get in the way of her progress - going so far as to manipulate others into doing her bidding, or luring them into becoming unwitting test subjects for her immoral experiments, yet she shows zero signs of remorse for her actions.


Make no mistake, she is highly intelligent as well as manipulative. She deems many to be 'beneath' her regardless of their actual positions, and treats them callously, occasionally going out of her way to be both cruel and mocking - Jayce in particular is a favourite target of hers. An independent worker who understands how best to make use of her connections inside Project, Selena is both feared and respected for her breakthroughs in technology. However, she is seldom satisfied with what she has attained, constantly striving for more out of a need to prove her self-worth, and holds herself - as well as others around her - to high standards of performance. Persistent and not easily discouraged, she has proven herself a deadly adversary of FL/GHT - this is not someone you want to trifle with.









JUL 21st