"Life is too precious for it to be trampled beneath our own creations."

~ Salvador

Once a chairman of a subsidiary company under Project, Salvador is now the enigmatic leader of the social activist group Unity, after having seen first-hand the devastating results of androids getting out of control. A firm believer in dragonkind's preservation and rights, Salvador seeks to stop the technological singularity at all costs, and believes that androids are simply too dangerous to be allowed to have around considering the potential disastrous havoc they can wreak.

Charismatic and compassionate, Salvador cares deeply for each member of Unity as if they were his own, although he understands there's only so much he can do to help them. However, none but Sergius have seen Salvador without his mask - rumours say it hides horrific scarring, though no comment has been made about the truth of that rumour. While bearing a strong desire to bring down Project and other android manufacturers, he still looks out for his people first, often taking the time to talk to new recruits and veterans alike, reassuring them that their cause is a just one.


Leading with a firm hand and firmer resolve, he works to forge a path for the future of dragonkind, often delivering impassioned speeches about how dragonkind must band together to stop the technological singularity from occurring. Ambitious, and not above launching well-planned campaigns against the likes of Project, Salvador is very vocal about his intentions, actively encouraging others to join him wherever he stages his protests. Confident and difficult to shake, he seems to be everywhere at once within Unity, preferring to take control from the shadows and run Unity's operations with Sergius' assistance - the skydancer being one of his closest companions and his right-hand man.