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Once a humble robotics company, Project's first big breakthrough was the creation of a fully-functioning, multipurpose android that could take on numerous tedious tasks. Now they're a company that specializes in the creation of androids for various purposes, ranging from household automatons to combat-ready units. Project currently dominates the technological industry with their superior tech and advancements, particularly with their magitech.


However, they are known for their ruthless scrapping of androids the moment defects are found, simply because they do not believe in the sentience of androids, though they draw the line at harming actual dragons. Project's sinister inner ring, however, takes things to the next level - actively running experiments on live organic dragons, mainly to push the limits of cybernetics and their capabilities. This inner ring tends to eliminate all who stand in their way and consists of several key figures in positions of authority in Project - including the head scientist Jayce and the ambitious Selena, who has been rapidly rising through the ranks for her contributions to the breakthrough in magitech.


Archon of Progress