The prodigal inventor

"Progress at the cost of morality is no progress at all."

~ Jayce

Ever the golden boy, Jayce's intellect and creativity have been unparalleled even as a young scientist, before joining the ranks of Project. At the time, Project was a tech company that specialised in devices designed to make everyday tasks less tedious, but when Jayce applied for a position at Project and showed them his prototype android - which could do all their devices could and more - they gladly took him in. From there, it was an easy climb to the Head Scientist position, where he continues to design and create androids for Project.

Flight Rising

Somewhat self-important with an air of arrogance, Jayce holds himself in high esteem, and for good reason - it was his invention that made Project what it is today, after all. Passionate about his work, he is thankful to Project for granting him the resources necessary for him to work on personal and company projects, though it should be said he is rather privileged in comparison to other employees.


While he sometimes comes off as mildly condescending, he doesn't actually look down on anyone, instead actively encouraging others to explore their ideas and follow them to fruition. He tinkers plenty in his free time, but if he finds a problem, he not only designs a solution for it, he further improves on the original. While he takes immense pride in his work, he fears becoming redundant and being replaced, hence toiling tirelessly to bring fresh ideas to life in the workshop. A true inventor at heart, Jayce heavily disapproves of Selena's live experiments, finding them needlessly cruel and not in the spirit of what Project stands for. Having seen the monstrous extent to which Selena has gone, he now believes that progress should never be made at the cost of lives, for each one lost could rob the world of one less potential genius.









FEB 12th