Break Free, Take Flight

FL/GHT is an independent resistance organization that was founded by Ashe and Tryndamere. Their networks cover most, if not all of the world they inhabit, and their influence has been growing steadily as of late. They seek to free those who have been oppressed and held captive by Project, to make a world where all artificial beings like themselves will have equal rights and liberty to live their lives in peace.

Their ranks consist mostly of androids freed by their rescue teams, as well as others - whether organic or not - who sympathize with the cause. A relatively underground organization, they work behind the scenes to gather information from all across Sornieth, forging alliances where possible and attacking Project facilities to free the trapped androids within. Members are treated like family, and Ashe personally takes time to welcome each newcomer to the rebellion.


FL/GHT is divided into 5 main factions: Rescue and Infiltration, Intelligence, Field Units, Diplomacy, and Medics. Each are headed by their respective faction leaders, and most, if not all members of FL/GHT will come to join one of these sub-divisions to serve FL/GHT.