Future's flight

"Today only matters if we can remember it tomorrow."

~ Ashe

Ashe was once a top-of-the-line model created by Project as a field unit. Sent to investigate reports of suspicious activity at a junkyard, she found others who had been abandoned by Project - mainly those who were scrapped and left to die, as well as seeing firsthand the atrocities Project committed to stay at the top. Refusing to report her findings, Project decided she was defective and scrapped her as well. Tryndamere found her at the junkyard, and together they fought for the rights of androids, starting up the rebel group that would come to be known as FL/GHT.

Generally cool and composed, Ashe takes control over stressful situations with level-headed ease, understanding that panic can be a more deadly killer than most other things. Despite being the leader of FL/GHT, she is down-to-earth and easily approachable, preferring to be seen as more than just a figurehead, but as a friend. This makes her a little too naive at times, but she has faith in her fellow faction Heads to look out for FL/GHT as a whole, and trusts their judgement. She acts for FL/GHT first, self second, and often sacrifices free time to shore up FL/GHT's defences or to personally lead raids on Project - although she would love for nothing more than to be able to relax, there is always so much to do.


Unafraid to speak her mind, Ashe never makes threats she cannot afford to follow up on. Every move is planned with great detail, always with care to the consequences, as few risks as possible taken. Idealistic, with her hopes of one day freeing all artificially created dragons, but with Tryndamere by her side, she believes it's possible. The two were once distrustful of each other, but have since fought through countless battles together, and there is no one else Ashe would rather have with her.









JUL 27th